Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A new adventure...

Here I go again.  I tell you, there is a reason this blog is a safari.  I am always up for an adventure.

My new journey is at CSU in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Three weeks ago, I started working on my Principal Licensure.  These past few weeks have been INTENSE... but it's all good!!! I have made some amazing new friends and hopefully some excellent connections.  I am just about done with the three weeks.  Once finished, I get to continue working with these new friends on the online component.  Then in the fall, it's off to internship world.  Fortunately for me, I don't actually need to go anywhere.  I can do the majority of my internship in my own building or district.  Hopefully though, I will get the chance to visit some other districts.

One of the courses I took this summer was Leadership and Ethics in Public Education and the other was Culture and Climate in Public Education.  They were taught concurrently and the experience was fantastic.  For my final project I opted to make a video.  I am going to share it here if anyone is interested.


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