Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Word Building Kit

I don't know what has gotten into me.  For whatever reason, the creative juices are flowing again.  It's been a while, but it's okay.
One of my intervention groups has gone through the Making Words activities I had set aside for them.  Both the instructor and the students love it.  It's like playing a game for them.  She asked for some more.  And of course, when asked, I can't just do the easy thing and find some to buy. Noooooo. Since I have nothing better to do (said with much sarcasm, because I truly have my plate full right now), I had to make a kit that can be used again and again.  You can get it here at my Teachers Pay Teachers Store. This is probably the quickest item I've produced, but I don't think it's too bad.  I hope you enjoy it-this one even included Common Core Standards. Oh Yeah!!!
Get it?!? Construction Workers-building words!!!

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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Whole Brain Teaching...Again

Next week, our school district will be having a Professional Development day. Normally this isn't a big deal.  We attend, we listen, we learn, we apply, etc, etc, etc.  But this time, for me at least, it's a little different.  This time, I have the responsibility of being a presenter.  It's pretty cool if you ask me. Much of our day will be focused on writing.  But for the first hour, I get to share what I have learned about WHOLE BRAIN TEACHING.
Before Christmas, my two wonderful and amazing blog-mates and their team were the guinea pigs. They began using some of the techniques with success.  One thing they have learned is that it's probably more effective if you start it at the beginning of the school year.  Regardless of this, our principal was/is intrigued and is ready to share it with staff.  So of course, I can't do anything ho-hum.  It's go big or go home with me.  So I made my powerpoint and it turned into my newest Teachers Pay Teachers product.  The coolest thing is that IT'S COMPLETELY FREE!!!! Do I hear WHOOP WHOOP?!?!?!  That's one thing I love about Whole Brain Teaching.  The only payment they ever expect when you download from their website: is that you spread the word.  I couldn't think of a better way to spread the word than by creating a fun and informative product that I will share with my staff as well as the rest of the teaching world on Teachers Pay Teachers and this little blog here.
You can go directly to my TPT page for this FREE product.  Thanks!!!
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Monday, March 21, 2016

Allow myself to introduce myself......

I am super excited to join Stacey and Becky on this exciting blogging journey! Blogging is something I've wanted to dive into, and now with Stacey helping me take this leap, watch out people! It's on!

I have been teaching for fifteen years, and I've been lucky to teach a variety of grade levels from Grade 1 to Grade 6. I'm currently teaching Grade 3 and am loving it!! It helps to have great team members. I love all things teaching-of course, the kids, but also the planning, the PLCs, the data,...everything. This love has led me to open up my Teacher Pay Teachers store! What a great way to share my passion of teaching! And now joining it with this blog......HEAVEN!!!! I'm looking forward to sharing and learning with these awesome co-authors of mine. They are awesome!!

Check out my TpT store: Christi Chisum-Classroom Creations by CC

Here is one of my favorite lessons! Compare and Contrast Bundle-Male and Female Singers


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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

One more author~YAY!!!

Oh I am just so excited!!! This is Becky Greenwood~another amazingly talented teacher that I am happy to call my friend.  She is the latest to join me on this School Safari.  And what an adventure it's going to be.  The three of us gals are going to get together for some "blog school" and get started very soon!  Start looking for posts by Christi or Becky in the next few weeks.  What fun this is going to be!!!

Meet Becky!
The picture of the three of us in the sidebar will be coming soon. We work together so well and I'm thrilled to work with them on the world wide web.


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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Survey Says...Installment #1

Just for fun, I started asking our staff some questions about teaching.  I know our teachers really have their hands full so I don't expect a  lot of response. But here goes anyway... Some questions are silly and others are more serious.  This is the first question I asked:

What is one piece of advice you would give a new teacher?

Sharla writes:  Never say something you are not willing to follow through.

I totally agree with this.  In today's day and age, this is a huge issue, not only with teachers, but with parents too.  Kids are smarter than we give them credit for and know if we mean what we say.  So if you say something, you better mean it.

Angel writes:  It gets easier.

Between all the acronyms, the assessments, the curricula, the assessments, the Common Core, the assessments, the students' wide variety of needs, the assessments, the date, the assessments, the parents...did I mention the assessments?!?!  It does get easier. So hang in there.

Christina (a new teacher herself) writes:  Make friends with the school and public librarians.  They can help you choose books that are interesting and age/grade appropriate.  They are always happy to help.

This is so true.  No matter what the town or city is like the library is an enormous resource.  And books are always a valuable tool.  Sometimes, believe it or not, the computer is not as good as a hard copy.

Until next time...

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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Preparing For a Sub

I'm not sure what the rest of the teaching world is like, but in our district, it's extremely hard to find subs, especially if you get sick in the middle of the night.  You crawl to the computer, open the employee portal and submit a sub request.  You never know who you'll get or even if you'll have a sub.  So it's always important to be prepared no matter what.  We know that most subs are not trained to completely do the curricula we provide, but movies are not always the way to go either.  So I created this generic set of plans that will get them through a day but learning will happen. You can get my set of plans at my TPT store or at my Teachers Notebook store.  It's so exciting to see my product in use too.  I recently visited a couple classrooms where our teachers were out of the building and their sub plans were from this set.  Yay!

I hope you feel better if you are one of those who have fallen prey to the flu (or any other illness for that matter)!

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My New Partner

I am SOOOO excited!!! My co-worker, fellow teacher (but most of all my very good friend), Christi Chisum is joining me on my School Safari.  She is an amazing and talented teacher.  She has some wonderful ideas and wants to get into blogging. After chatting with her about it, we decided to become  partners on this adventure.  She has her own Teachers Pay Teachers store.  But I'll let her tell you about it.
Meet Christi!

Not quite sisters, but people confuse us often.

We have parent teacher conferences this week and then Spring Break, so hopefully in the next few weeks she'll join in.  I'm just too excited to wait to announce this!  Look for some changes coming soon!

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