Monday, January 25, 2016

Writing Is SOOOO Complex for Students

     Last week I attended a Writing Workshop with one of my friends and co-workers.  We have been to many and always learn a lot, both theoretical and practical content.  This workshop was very theoretical, but had some great suggestions.  One of the activities we did was write a response to summarize what we had learned.  Many people wrote in outline form or simply jotted a few ideas down.  But I can't ever seem to take the easy way out.  However, I'm not disappointed for putting in a little effort.  I am sorry that I made my table wait for our discussion to begin as I wrote. The writing bug stung me and this is what I came up with:

     "Writing is an extremely complex activity and is the most demanding language skill for many reasons.  Before independently writing, there is a whole plethora of skills that must be attained.  First and foremost, students must have phonological awareness as well as basic knowledge of high frequency words.  They must also know that words have meaning and structure. Students must also know that words strung together must have meaning.
     This brings up something else students must have:  background knowledge and imagination.  From that, they must be able to formulate ideas and then transcribe them onto paper with legible handwriting.
     Which brings up another issue:  developmental readiness.  Students must have the ability to hold a writing utensil, move it across a page and form letters that make sounds.
     Whoa-this was easy for me to write, but this simple act may be tortuous for many students-especially if they have developmental or cognitive issues."

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