Saturday, December 19, 2015

Everybody needs some R& R

Like I said earlier last week was my birthday. It was an amazing weekend. My husband and I live in gorgeous Colorado. One of our favorite places to visit and hang out is Estes Park. We go to Rocky Mountain National Park A LOT! One of the neatest place in Estes is the Stanley Hotel. It's on the National Historical Registry (I think that's the designation). It was also the place to inspire Stephen King's book The Shining...which by the way is far scarier than the movie. Well, to make this story shorter, we have  always wanted to go there but for one reason or another we never made it. We finally did it last weekend. Not only that, we did a Ghost Tour and went to a show called "Illusions of the Passed" with Aiden Sinclair (who was on America's Got Talent).  We spent to night in a haunted room and even watched  the movie The Shining in the hotel. We had drinks in the bar where Jim Carrey waited for his date to show up in Dumb and Dumber.  It was fantastic. Here are some pictures...

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