Monday, December 15, 2014

Tickle was touched

Oh no! We had an issue on Thursday. One of my students decided that he did not believe in Tickle and touched him. Unfortunately, one of my younger students saw him do it and it was not pretty.  Tickle had to go away...that's the rule...the one rule...I think I was as upset as the kids.  Well Tickle was not there on Friday.  Instead was a note in his place.  The note was perfect.... Plus I found a couple YouTube videos one catching Santa in the act of bringing presents and eating cookies and the other of an elf moving around up to mischief.  They were  PERFECT!  It turned my nonbeliever back into a believer! But Tickle had to go the North Elf Emergency Hospital.

This was the email he sent:

Hi Mrs G, Ms A & kids,
This was my first day at the Elf Emergency Hospital. I was surrounded by Christmas Magic. The Elf nurses even hooked up an IV with magic to help me out.
Love, Tickle

This was the next email from Tickle:

Hi again,
I'm starting to feel a lot better. I loved the get well cards. Buddy helped keep me cheery. He also kept feeding me candy canes which also help me get my magic back.
I hope I can come back soon!
Love, Tickle

The next one:

I am feeling great! The doctors told me I can start walking today. I still have to use canes because I'm still a little wobbly. I am so excited that I am going to send some snow to celebrate. I hope you make a snowman. They are magical too...especially at night! I think they will let me come back this week. Hooray!!!
See you soon.
Love, Tickle

And another:

Hi boys and girls!
I know I sent snow but my magic needs a little adjustment. Sorry you had to have a snow day...or did you like it?!?! I was trying to send nice snow not an icky storm. Buddy and I looked for you at school but no one was there so I went to Mrs. G's house. 
Love, Tickle

Again?!? :

Hahaha. Buddy and I made a snowman. It was so cool. ...Haha. Get it?!? It was really cool...okay it was cold!!!
T & B


Whoopie! I am feeling GREAT!!! I LoVe Mrs. G's wiener doggies.  Sedona let me ride her. Mrs. G took a video. Ask her to see it. Then I cuddled with Sedona and Tuff.  I love them!!! I will definitely be back. I'll see you soon!

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