Saturday, May 17, 2014

Our School Carnival

Our school parent teacher organization is a great group.  They work hard all year to support our school and our kids.  Close to the end of every year they host a super fun carnival.  In years past I helped with cotton candy and popcorn.  But this year that is what the first grade teachers did.  So I was planning on laying low and just helping out wherever they needed.  But someone decided that our carnival needed a FORTUNE TELLER! I guess my personality fit because they asked me.  And of course I don't do anything without going I actually did research and had a blast.  My para and I dressed as gypsies and told fortunes.  It was so much fun. I looked up how to read palms and actually read a few. Believe it or not it was spot on when I for the palms I read... Spooky. 

 The crystal ball was a hoot.  One teenage girl brought her preschool sister to have her fortune read.  It was funny because I said that I saw lots of smileys and that she would eat a cookie (that's how several of my fortunes went).  But when I finished the teenager's jaw dropped with amazement...she said that the little girl's name was Miley and she won a tray of cookies in the cake walk. Hahahaha. I really had no idea...maybe I do have some kind of hidden talent.  But I don't think I'll quit my job anytime soon.


Madame Adrianna doing Fortune Tellers

Having fun

My first client!

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