Saturday, May 17, 2014

Our School Carnival

Our school parent teacher organization is a great group.  They work hard all year to support our school and our kids.  Close to the end of every year they host a super fun carnival.  In years past I helped with cotton candy and popcorn.  But this year that is what the first grade teachers did.  So I was planning on laying low and just helping out wherever they needed.  But someone decided that our carnival needed a FORTUNE TELLER! I guess my personality fit because they asked me.  And of course I don't do anything without going I actually did research and had a blast.  My para and I dressed as gypsies and told fortunes.  It was so much fun. I looked up how to read palms and actually read a few. Believe it or not it was spot on when I for the palms I read... Spooky. 

 The crystal ball was a hoot.  One teenage girl brought her preschool sister to have her fortune read.  It was funny because I said that I saw lots of smileys and that she would eat a cookie (that's how several of my fortunes went).  But when I finished the teenager's jaw dropped with amazement...she said that the little girl's name was Miley and she won a tray of cookies in the cake walk. Hahahaha. I really had no idea...maybe I do have some kind of hidden talent.  But I don't think I'll quit my job anytime soon.


Madame Adrianna doing Fortune Tellers

Having fun

My first client!

The circle is almost complete....We released the butterflies

It was pretty exciting for the kids to release the butterflies.  We released them in our school garden that was started and cultivated by one of my teacher friends...Becky.  It's a beautiful place and a great place for the butterflies.  We read that they will stay close to where we released them.  And so far it looks like they did.  Hours later my first graders discovered the butterflies were still there. they just need to lay eggs and the cycle continues.

Monday, May 12, 2014

It Figures!!!

Hahaha!  I just couldn't resist that play on words.  It only took me the better part of the semester to create.  But it's finally done.  It seems like so much has been going on that I just couldn't devote the time to something that I think is one of the most difficult things for my students to comprehend.  It seems like a stupid excuse but's here.  And you can get it for yourself here at my Teachers Pay Teachers store or here at my Teachers Notebook Shop.

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Just one more to go!


Friday, May 9, 2014


All of them are in the chrysalis now.  I think we had good success! All but one changed. The last one started but it must not have had the right stuff because it stopped and I think it's dead.  Now we wait for them to turn into a butterflies.

This is right before the one I caught on video changed.  

In the net.  Next step: BUTTERFLIES!

Cinco de Mayo pics

Wow it was such a great day! The kids  and I had an amazing day.  I could not have pulled it off without  mi amigas.  At the end of the day we brought all of my groups together and did a piñata.  Muy bueno!
Christina Ordaz, Me, Karen Garcia & Adrianna Hernandez

Mini pinatas.

Decorating sombrero cookies

Decorating sombreros

Decorating paper serapes

Taking a break with nachos and tres leches cake

Piñata- thank you Karen for bringing this in for us!

Taking a swing

My turn

Dulces!!!  CANDY!!!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Caterpillar Update

Wowwy wow wow wow!!! This was so cool.  I got to watch AND RECORD one of the caterpillars turning into a chrysalis.  Here is the still picture.  The one on the far left is the one I saw change.  As soon as I get the video from my phone to the computer I'll post it.  Stay tuned (or at least check back soon)....

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Cinco De Mayo

Cha cha cha!! Manana is Cinco de Mayo.  We are going to celebrate it and it's going to be a fiesta!!! I made this cute  little mini unit with a mini book written by yours truly as well as a couple activities plus a delicioso recipe.  You can get it here at my Teachers Pay Teachers store or here at my Teachers Notebook shop.


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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Ahoy Matey!

Well shiver me timbers!!! This school year is winding down, but that DOES NOT mean that we can let our guard down.  We need to keep working hard right to the very end.  Every year in our building our 2nd graders have a Pirate Themed Day.  Teaching 1st grade for the past years, I never was lucky enough to join in.  But this year I have some 2nd grade students in my ESL class.  So guess what?!?!  I just couldn't resist. I made a cute little pirate activity pack to do with my little pirates.  You can get it here at my Teachers Pay Teachers store or here at my Teacher's Notebook Shop.  I hope you enjoy it.

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