Thursday, April 10, 2014

Puppy at School

So last Friday my husband and I welcomed a new puppy into our lives.  She is a teeny tiny little miniature  dachshund. We already had one not-so-miniature named Tuff.  Sedona is a little cutie.  Today she had her vet appointment and I had a scheduling dilemma.  Soooooo she came to work with me for the afternoon. Luckily we have her very comfortable with her crate (even if it's a little big for her).  My second graders were so excited.  I told them that with her ears being big for her tiny body she was really sensitive to noise.  I have never seen them so quiet and on task.  As a reward I told them they could do their fluency practice by reading to the puppy.  It was so awesome and adorable.  
She slept through the whole thing!

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