Monday, April 28, 2014


I am so lucky to help out future teachers.  This semester I have a practicum student-Karen Garcia-who is doing an amazing job! She will make a great teacher.  Since I am the ESL teacher I have impressed upon her the importance of making content comprehensible and being sure to keep things as hands-on as possible.    She is working with my first graders and has chosen to do life cycles.  She has done a great job with books and activities.  
One of the activities I think is really cool is that she has found a website that supplied her with teeny tiny caterpillars.  I wish I would have thought to take a picture when they first came.  But I was to impress upon you how tiny they were just last week...smaller than a grain of rice.  Now look at how big they were.  The kids had fun today making predictions of how big they would get before they turned into a chrysalis. Here are the pictures I took this morning.  The first one has the lid with the website , hooray for them!

And of course one of my favorite butterfly books!
Here is a cute idea for a life cycle mobile that Karen did with the kiddos.
This is the rest of the kit that she brought.  I'll keep posting on the progress of th caterpillars.  This is so cool! Great job Karen!

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