Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Anchor Charts

So I have been away a bit...just been involved with a ton of assessments. The month of January was devoted to ACCESS testing for my English Language Learners. Phew! Check that off my list.  Then we had our Parent Teacher Conferences.  I also had to miss two days of school because I was sick with what I believe was the nasty norovirus.  Next is our state testing.  Yikes! 
In the meantime I have been having fun with some of the common core standards and anchor charts.  I haven't made a lot of new TPT units, but I have been making these with my students. I made the long vowels chart with my second graders.
I made the inferences chart with my third graders.
And I made the Greek & Latin Roots chart with my fourth graders.
I've doing them!