Friday, December 6, 2013

Tickle goes for a walk

Tickle is having as much fun as the kids.  Today they came in and found him being dragged around by the giant stuffed dog.  The same thing happened last year but it was a hit so he had to do it again.  Unfortunately one of my students tripped over him and sent Tickle flying.  It was so cute because I went to him and picked him up to comfort him.  I wrapped him up in my knit cap and put him in my bag.  The kids asked if I would take him to the doctor.  I said I would give him first aid when I got home and wait for Santa to come get him.  Then my phone went off with my email sound (which happens to be sleigh bells...which the kids think is Santa checking I with Tickle). It was perfect.
Little do they know that Tickle is coming home but I am hosting our building's Christmas party.  I am expecting him to have some adult fun.  Let's see what mischief he can get into with a bunch of rowdy teachers who are ready for the weekend after a week of inside recess because of subzero temperatures. Hee hee.  

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