Thursday, December 12, 2013

More of the Elf and his Buddy

Tickle's friend the snowman is back this week. He has been given the name of Buddy.  Monday Tickle rescued Buddy from the jaws of our evil goldfish.  Buddy decided to go for a swim and Tickle "fished" him out.  

Today the kids found Tickle and Buddy stuffed into a conch shell I keep on my desk.  Everyday Tickle leaves a note with some kind of clue of how to find him.  Today's note said "I think I hear the ocean,  Buddy!" My students are convinced the ocean is inside the shell.  Some of the kids asked if the shell was real.  I told them it was (I got it on a trip to Florida a billion years ago...okay maybe I exaggerate a little) and they were worried that the animal that lived in the shell was still alive and would eat Tickle and Buddy. I love the innocence of kids.
Tomorrow they'll find Tickle and Buddy riding my zebra pillow pal. 

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