Sunday, October 20, 2013

Uh Oh...Feeling A Little "Horse" Sub Plans

So after twenty-one years (OMG~Can it really be that long?!?!?!) of teaching I finally have got my act together.  I finally have all my sub plans together. Not that I haven't been prepared in the past...Because I have.  But now it's all in one theme.  And I'm happy to share with you.  This is all you need for a sub. You can get it
here at my Teachers Pay Teachers Shop
or here at my Teachers Notebook Shop

Just a little planning now and you'll be set for the year.  And the Farm/Ranch theme is so cute.  I think I'll use the same format but do it in an ocean theme and maybe a safari theme...but that requires some more time. We have Parent/Teacher Conferences this week and next , plus Halloween.
YIKES...I can't believe the first quarter is over already.  WOW.
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