Tuesday, October 1, 2013

An Apple A Day

Holy Smokes it's been a while.  I really am not a slacker.  True story...I have just been preoccupied with...with...well...life I guess.  My grandpa who I have blogged about has passed.  I miss him dearly but am glad he is finally done with the pain and discomfort.  He was truly a wonderful man.
My hubby is in a new job in a completely new field with a completely new schedule. That has taken some adjusting.
And most recently, we live in Colorado.  I'm sure you cannot have missed all the news about the flooding that has occurred here.  One of our most favorite places to visit, hang out, shop, ride, etc, etc, etc has been devastated.  One of the most scenic roads to drive on is GONE.  So sad.  We live about an hour away from there, but the water flows downhill and into the South Platte River.  AND our house is a half mile from the river.  Now let me tell you, we feel very VERY VERY fortunate.  The river came onto our land.  Our hay field became a lake-complete with ducks, geese and pelicans.  Luckily, we evacuated our horses and were ready to leave ourselves...but we were spared.  The river came onto our land and then receded fairly quickly.  Our bridge was also spared, with the road only closing for a few days.  Just yesterday, they finished repairing the road.
This is our hay field/lake.
This is the river flowing over the top of the highway a half mile from our house.

Enough bad news!!!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new position as ESL Teacher.  It's just that there is a ton of assessing and interpreting data and and and teaching.  WHEW! But it's all good.  As a matter of fact it's great. I am finally creating again.  Whoop Whoop!!!
I know it's a little late for apples, but it's still Fall.  I made this cute Apple Unit that you can get here at my Teachers Pay Teachers Store or here at my Teachers Notebook Store.

I am back (I think).  I am working with my new neighbor (our Art Teacher) and we are decorating our entire hallway with the help of our Music Teacher, our Computer Teacher, and our Librarian.  I hope to get some pictures taken and posted here. It's a work in progress, but it looks spooky so far!

Glitter Words
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