Sunday, June 16, 2013

Beat the Backseat Blues Travel Activities

I was afraid this would happen...School would get out and then I would neglect the teaching world. But not so...believe it or not, I have been keeping busy.  I moved into a new classroom, ready for my new role as ESL teacher.  I'm so excited that I have spent the first days of June, my summer vacation, working.  Am I crazy or what?!?

However before I did that I actually took some time for family.  My sister flew in and we took a roadtrip.  FUN!!! FUN!!! FUN!!!  We so enjoyed our time together. Instead of doing a boring old fashioned slide show, we decided to get silly and make a "movie" and I say that lightly.  It has absolutely nothing to do with teaching, but it was fun to make.  I think it was a somewhat creative way to chronicle some of the places we visited.  I tried to post it to Youtube but because I "borrowed" some music from one of my cds, I couldn't keep it there.  Oh well It was a good time anyway.

SO my sister Julie was also some great inspiration for my newest product.  We were talking about things we used to do when we traveled...things she does now with her kids....AANNNDDDDD voila...(well maybe not that quickly)...I created this AWESOME bundle of fun activities that you can take on your next journey. You can get it here at my Teachers Pay Teachers Store or here at my Teachers Notebook Store.

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