Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Wowzers!!! It's only been a little over two weeks since I've blogged, but Geez Louise, it seems like forever.  I guess that's because I am caught up in the typical year-end whirlwind that you all know about.  We are done for the year one week from today.
Normally I would say WHOOP WHOOP, but this year I'm not looking forward to it's end.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE SUMMER VACATION!!!! Buuuutttttt, first of all, I love my students, my monkeys, this year~they have been so fun.  Also at our school we are going through some intense changes and my role will be different in the fall.  We are losing our awesome, amazing, wonderful principal (no I am not brown-nosing~we all feel this way).  She actually lives three hours from where we are located, but drives up every week and stays in an apartment, separate from her family throughout each week.  She was offered the elementary principal position in her hometown.  I cannot blame her, but she will be sorely missed.  I adore her...Okay, tissues please...
Not only that but I will no longer be a classroom teacher after this year.  I am just moving across the building to be the ESL teacher for 1st-4th grades.  I am sooooo excited, but right now am feeling a little overwhelmed.  I have 22 years of teaching in storage containers and now I feel like I have to sort through them and move them.  Plus right now I am trying to "finish" the year as first grade teacher, but am involved with next year's ESL planning, looking at the WIDA standards, fitting them to our ELTs and preparing to help our staff with strategies to help the kids with language needs.  I think I am going to be busy this summer.

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