Saturday, April 27, 2013

Dry Erase Clip Boards

So I'm sitting here browsing Pinterest...(I know there is no one else out there guilty of this~LOL).  And I came up with this brilliant idea~ so maybe I am the only person who thinks it's brilliant~ but that's okay.  At least this way I will remember it this summer when I actually have time to do things.'s my idea...I was thinking it would be cool to paint clipboards (which I use everyday with my monkeys) with chalkboard paint.  Then as I was browsing the web looking for that kind of paint I found dry erase paint. And I thought...who uses chalk anymore-right?!?  Wouldn't it be soooo coooooolllll to paint clipboards with dry erase paint?!?!?!?!
Alright alright I know there's probably more schools with higher technology than what I have know like Ipads (I wish!!!)..but I would be happy if I could find some dry erase paint and maybe add some other cute elements...maybe some bling...
So I put together a reminder for myself and thought I would share.  I 'll let you know how they turn out if I get them made.

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