Saturday, March 30, 2013

Reading Incentive

Wwwwhhhheeeeewwwwww!!!  We made it.  It's the last quarter of this school year.  At our school we want our kids to keep reading.  With the weather getting nicer, sometimes it is hard to get them to read.  So we have an awesome school-wide Reading Incentive.  Our principal came up with the idea and last year was the first year we did it.  We call is Survivor Island-like the television reality show.  Each grade level has a bulletin board of an island with figures (our grade level has summertime boys and girls by Melonheadz-one of her free downloads-thank you!)) for every child.  We have a tracking sheet for parents, students and teachers.  If the students read (basically anything other than homework), then they get to stay on the island.  If they do not read then they end up in the water.  They can get back on the island if they read again.  Then the last week of school we have a HUGE celebration at our local park for all students who are on the island.  Last year almost all the students in the school went.  Each teacher is in charge of a different activity-nature hikes, ball games, parachutes, bubbles, jump ropes, playground, etc.  It's great fun and extremely successful.  I put up our first grade bulletin board before I left for Spring Break.  It is maybe 12 feet wide and is from floor to ceiling tall. The only thing missing are the kids and they'll be added when we return Tuesday from Spring Break. Here is a picture.
The words on it are:
" Will you survive the first grade reading challenge...or will you be my lunch? Yum!"
Glitter Words
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