Sunday, March 10, 2013

Lucky Leprechauns

I LOVE SPRING!!! Have you heard me whine about winter?!?
This past weekend they were predicting a blizzard. Well, as usual, the weather-people were wrong. But not terribly wrong.  We probably got more snow in this storm than in any other storm.  It's okay though because it was a wet snow and today it's already melting~and we really really need the moisture in a scary kind of way.

BUT it gets better...way better (at least in my opinion), it's DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME!!! I know there are people who either don't care or who don't like daylight savings, but I LOVE IT.
I would rather spend my time outside...but when it's dark it's hard to do things, like ride my horses.  But with DST, I can work, go to the gym and then still go home and ride.  YAY!!!

I also love spring because it's like life comes back. It's so refreshing!!! (I know I am addicted to the exclamation mark and all caps~hee hee.) I am already checking my lilac bushes for buds.  The grass is starting to green up and I'm sure this week as the temperature goes up (yep 70s by the end of the week)~ I bet the crocuses, daffodils and tulips will be popping up.

Plus it's a fun week with St. Paddy's Day coming.  I made this fun little thematic unit that has some limericks (written by yours truly), compound word, contractions and alliteration activities, writing prompts, plus a parent letter asking for supplies for Leprechaun Traps.  I also was thinking of doing some cute things like I did with the Elf on the Shelf.  The only thing is that living in a small town, I CANNOT find any little leprechaun figurines/dolls.  So my brain works in funny ways ;D and I came up with the idea of leaving footprints instead of the leprechaun himself.  Hahahehehoho!!
You can get my unit here at my Teachers Pay Teachers store or here at my Teachers Notebook Store.
I hope you enjoy the fun!

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