Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bee Literacy

Oh Geez...I really am slacking.  I just noticed that I didn't write about my newest unit that I created.  The unit is all about Bees and it's full of fun literacy activities.  You can buzz on over and get it here at my Teachers Pay Teachers store  or here at my Teachers Notebook store. I hope you enjoy them!!!

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Reading Incentive

Wwwwhhhheeeeewwwwww!!!  We made it.  It's the last quarter of this school year.  At our school we want our kids to keep reading.  With the weather getting nicer, sometimes it is hard to get them to read.  So we have an awesome school-wide Reading Incentive.  Our principal came up with the idea and last year was the first year we did it.  We call is Survivor Island-like the television reality show.  Each grade level has a bulletin board of an island with figures (our grade level has summertime boys and girls by Melonheadz-one of her free downloads-thank you!)) for every child.  We have a tracking sheet for parents, students and teachers.  If the students read (basically anything other than homework), then they get to stay on the island.  If they do not read then they end up in the water.  They can get back on the island if they read again.  Then the last week of school we have a HUGE celebration at our local park for all students who are on the island.  Last year almost all the students in the school went.  Each teacher is in charge of a different activity-nature hikes, ball games, parachutes, bubbles, jump ropes, playground, etc.  It's great fun and extremely successful.  I put up our first grade bulletin board before I left for Spring Break.  It is maybe 12 feet wide and is from floor to ceiling tall. The only thing missing are the kids and they'll be added when we return Tuesday from Spring Break. Here is a picture.
The words on it are:
" Will you survive the first grade reading challenge...or will you be my lunch? Yum!"
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Writing and Grandpa

I know it has been a while since I have blogged, but I have been doing a lot of self-reflection lately. Until I started this blog and creating my units, it has been a long time since I have WRITTEN anything other than emails.  Now I am writing poetry (among other things) again and it feels great.

I know this seems unrelated, but I just spent some time with my elderly grandfather.  He lives in a wonderful assisted-living small home.  The folks there take excellent care of him.  He has advanced macular degeneration, is for the most part extremely deaf (this is new within the past few months), and is in advanced stages of kidney failure.  Every day we are expecting a phone call~not the good kind.  About three weeks ago we received news that things had taken a turn for the worse- he was jittery and grumpy (this is unusual for him), was not eating, had his nights and days mixed up and his kidneys were showing signs of worsening.  They even called in Hospice who gave him some medication to ease his symptoms.  The care my grandpa is receiving is phenomenal.

So we went to visit him this past week (my Spring Break).  We were in for quite a surprise.  He looks great (at least for someone who is 92-almost 93 with all of his issues).  He's been eating a little bit again, is drinking fluids and is sleeping better.  His heart and lungs are fine (especially since he's a smoker and has been since he was young) and he still gets around with his walker and is even feeding the birds who visit him on his back porch. However, we (my parents, my aunt and myself) had to leave to return home.  So we did some things in preparation~some of the most difficult things a person can do in my opinion: we met with the funeral home to make plans for the inevitable and sat down to discuss details, including his obituary.

This is the connection to my opening... I am going to write his obituary, even though he is still alive and kicking (well maybe it's more like shuffling along).  I am ready, but it's a challenging task.  I just hope I can honor him in the way he deserves.  My grandpa is a wonderful man.

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Teachers Pay Teachers

WOOHOO!!! Teachers Pay Teachers has an app for Androids now!!

That's all...nothing else...just wanted to celebrate....for now...YAY!!!

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Lucky Leprechauns

I LOVE SPRING!!! Have you heard me whine about winter?!?
This past weekend they were predicting a blizzard. Well, as usual, the weather-people were wrong. But not terribly wrong.  We probably got more snow in this storm than in any other storm.  It's okay though because it was a wet snow and today it's already melting~and we really really need the moisture in a scary kind of way.

BUT it gets better...way better (at least in my opinion), it's DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME!!! I know there are people who either don't care or who don't like daylight savings, but I LOVE IT.
I would rather spend my time outside...but when it's dark it's hard to do things, like ride my horses.  But with DST, I can work, go to the gym and then still go home and ride.  YAY!!!

I also love spring because it's like life comes back. It's so refreshing!!! (I know I am addicted to the exclamation mark and all caps~hee hee.) I am already checking my lilac bushes for buds.  The grass is starting to green up and I'm sure this week as the temperature goes up (yep 70s by the end of the week)~ I bet the crocuses, daffodils and tulips will be popping up.

Plus it's a fun week with St. Paddy's Day coming.  I made this fun little thematic unit that has some limericks (written by yours truly), compound word, contractions and alliteration activities, writing prompts, plus a parent letter asking for supplies for Leprechaun Traps.  I also was thinking of doing some cute things like I did with the Elf on the Shelf.  The only thing is that living in a small town, I CANNOT find any little leprechaun figurines/dolls.  So my brain works in funny ways ;D and I came up with the idea of leaving footprints instead of the leprechaun himself.  Hahahehehoho!!
You can get my unit here at my Teachers Pay Teachers store or here at my Teachers Notebook Store.
I hope you enjoy the fun!

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Blog Hopping & Another Giveaway

My hubby is watching Cops.  It's too depressing watching people throwing away their lives. Soooo...I'm blog-hopping.  Much more fun!  I found a new blog that I'm loving.  Emily has a sparkly blingy blog and great ideas to boot.  Right now she is giving away a gift card for TPT.  Can you say YAY?!?! Here is the link to her giveaway: Educating to the Core Giveaway.  Enjoy!
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