Sunday, December 9, 2012

Gingerbread Man Unit

It is so exciting spending a lot of time on something...especially when you finish it.  I finished a few things this week.  I made Christmas cookies-yum; I finished my Christmas shopping (I think hope); I finished my class that I teach at our local community college; and I finished my biggest unit yet.  It's a Gingerbread Man Unit.  Every year for the last bazillion years, I have been doing a Gingerbread Unit. This reminds me of my principal (whom I adore and I'm not just saying that for brownie points ;D), who has on more than one occasion reminded us that it's important to make learning fun as long as we can meet the Standards while we are having fun. {That seems like a super long run-on-yikes!} Anyway~back to the Gingerbread Man Unit~it seems like every year I search my not-so-organized bin with my holiday activities and my Gingerbread Man things (which I put away neatly the year before) are all over the place.  I hate that when I can't find things.  Most of my fellow teachers think I'm pretty organized.  Soooo~again I digress~I developed this unit.  Basically, I converted my activities to my laptop and made all of my activities cutesy and put them all in one place.  I think it's not too bad so I thought I would share. You can get it here at my TPT store.  For this unit, I made both colored and blackline slides.  It's 25 pages long.  It took me almost a week to do it because I kept finding more things to add.  Plus I figured out how to make my own font and upload some graphics that I drew myself. I included a parent note that's both in English and Spanish and directions for how I make a "gingerbread" house.  I hope you enjoy it!

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