Monday, December 10, 2012

Elf on the Shelf-Zipline Style

 I had lots of fun with our Elf-Tickle- today.  This morning she left a note under the doc cam for my monkeys and they were so excited.  In it she said she went to the mountains-out here on the plains of Colorado, we are still knee-deep in drought instead of snow-so she had to go to the mountains for this trick.  It was hard to convince the kids that snowman poop tastes just like marshmallows. LOL!!!  but they were good sports and played along to keep their loco teacher amused.

Then my friend and fellow teacher, Jessica, helped me with Tickle's stunt for tomorrow.  We set up a "zipline" for the Elf.   I think I am having as much fun as my students are.  Jessica & I hung a string from the door, across the room above the students' desks to the window.  Tickle is attached to the zipline by a paperclip.  So simple and yet so, but fun.                                

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