Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thankful Kids Freebie

Most people think that being thankful is an easy thing to explain, but being "thankful" is kind of an abstract thought to explain to all of my little first graders.  Usually I read a book or two about things that most people appreciate.  I do a lesson on all of the good things about life, both the necessities (like food and a home) and and the little extras that make life fun (like toys and bicycles).  Then I do a  short writing activity with a cute craft.  This is something I created nearly 20 years ago, but I still like it.  You can grab it here.


  1. Yea, Stacey! Your site looks AWESOME! Keep up the GREAT work! Holley :)

    1. Thanks Holley. I'm working on getting set up on TPT. I'll be sure to post when I have it all ready to go. Keep coming back to check it out!