Saturday, November 10, 2012

Classroom Management

This year at our school, we have been focusing on School-wide Classroom Management.  We are doing a book study on the book: Teach Like A Champion by Doug Lemov (Jossey-Bass).
It has been a great resource and we have seen huge changes in the behavior of the children in our school at every grade level.  One thing that we do is that we have high expectations.  We have implemented STARS in each classroom.  S= Sit up; T=Track the speaker; A=Ask & answer questions like a scholar (pertaining to what we are learning); R=Respect & listen; S=Smile.  It is amazing to see 300 plus 1st-4th graders at an assembly go from chatting to silent and sitting up tall when the principal simply says "show me STARS".  Wow! Wow! Wow!  Here is a copy of my updated STARS posters that I shared with our staff.

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